What I loved about working with Chriss is his love for the entrepreneurial. You're either born with the spirit or you're not; Chriss was born with an extra portion of it. Yes, he's brilliant. He's spent years mastering his craft. But most importantly he has the drive and the desire to create something new and different. He loves the craft, and he's willing to sacrifice what it takes to get where he wants. That's really what makes the difference between a normal person and a visionary. He will, without any doubt; make sacrifices to get through when things become trivial. And of course, he writes amazing and awesome code.Matthew Tollin - CEO, wireLawyer

The OpenSource HTML Dashboard based on Zurb Foundation, Compass and SVG

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The Social Media Dashboard create minisites and social apps in minutes

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(Proof of concept)

It's time to easier beautiful charts

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(Early project)

Vanilla JS smart confirmation dialog

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